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don’t spew bullshit on me!

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Silent rantings

For a second, I nearly lost my COOL, making shivers run through my spine.

This roller coaster ride is going nowhere, the race to witch mountain the need of spending 400 Hours of heart aches, pressure,frustration, excitement and disappointment is becoming a routine, ever since I’ve joined the bandwagon of my so called “comrades”.

What happened last night is a complete and utter BULL, playing as cops and robbers with a manipulative and monstrous person controlling your every move.  You cannot shout nor yelp in pain as she watches you suffer with contentment, her cursing coarse through your skin, echoing against the cold tiled floors of your temporary fortress.

The threshold, I must say, do not give comforting vibes, for it makes you want to com back HOME, your real home, every time you set foot to your designated “Penitentiary”

Today, I am writing this because I nearly cried, the challenge of swallowing your tears and holding back your emotions can do a lot of wonders.  

Those sleepless nights together with you FAKE friends,are taking its toll, making your body silently shaking with anger and rage.

I am writing this for I am a LONER, a Mermaid, a hipster, a rocker, an Otaku, a werewolf, a demigod, a Rebel by heart, but a submissive and loving daughter in mind, body and soul.

I say this to you my friend, for my silent ranting could not be heard by many, but only few.  My God and my Father are the one’s who often took part on consoling my darkened soul, telling me tales and wonders on how to completely take control.

I you happen to read this, yes you my FAKE friend, fear not for I am forever with you always, as the Lord saith.  

I will forever be the shadow that will dampen your sunny day, I will forever be silent controlling my anger towards you.  For you will forever be an enemy, your wrongdoings are marked and will never be forgotten.


If there will come a time that you’ll go shouting my name and asking for forgiveness, I will FORGIVE you, but deep in my heart, there will never be a peace for all is fair in love and war. But fear not, they are all listed on my Journal.

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The Heart weeps while the mind sleeps.

Just weird -__


Sometimes, before it gets better, the darkness gets bigger.  The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.

Miss Missing You
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